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Financial Promotions and Marketing


Top Gear Stoke Limited may also be referred to herein as ‘We’ ‘Company’ ‘ ‘Us’ and ‘TGS Carsales’. Customers and potential customers may also be referred to herein as ’You’ and ‘Clients’.

Transparent format advertising

Top Gear Stoke Limited market our services in a transparent format advertising clearly the monthly cost of leasing. We ensure that promotions are balanced and without creating unrealistic customer expectations that are ‘clear, fair and do not mislead consumers by price offerings alone.


When using headlines that offer rewards and/or incentives, we ensure that such rewards are achievable within the realms of fair and reasonable Terms and Conditions.

Unrealistic promotional examples

We do not subscribe to advertising promotions that relate to unrealistic lease profiles with very low mileage and high deposits that could mislead customers into thinking that only the monthly costs are payable.

Unrealistic stock vehicle promotions

We do not subscribe to advertising promotions that promote stock cars with no specifications displayed and that are not available. We ensure that advertised available vehicle promotions are as factual as possible with price’s that reflect the specification included in the lease promotion.

Main objectives

The main objectives of Top Gear Stoke Limited marketing plan is to promote brand awareness / build-up and lead generation from within the UK. We are focused on offering a fully functional online vehicle leasing finance quotation system that provides all aspects of vehicle leasing finance products for both business and personal users. We also promote current automotive news and online promotions.
We pride ourselves on our website technology that gives transparency and real-time quotations linked to the full offerings of Contract Hire, Leasing and PCP finance products that display pricing examples that consumers pay for in monthly instalments.

Business and Personal Contract Hire promotional examples

Our standard advertised Business and Personal Contract Hire promotional examples are 6-9 Monthly payments in advance, with 8,000 – 10,000 miles annual mileage allowance, including a Road fund licence for the duration. There may be instances where examples are configured to 12 Months in advance and 5,000 miles per annum for comparison purposes and/or other examples from time to time and at our discretion.

Social Media promotional examples

We use social media to promote the Fleet UK brand awareness on Facebook and Linkedin.
Our website is
The promotions we offer relate to our latest news, guides and reviews along with car leasing promotional examples that are linked to our website. Our promotions are clear and transparent and are mainly promoted on 3,6,9,12 Monthly payments in advance, with 5,000 – 25,000 miles annual mileage allowance, including a Road fund licence for the term.

Documentation Fees

Document fees are included within the initial payment example on the promotion, with a breakdown of costs itemised within the breakdown of charges on the quotation example.

Systems and Controls

We have systems and controls to ensure that people designing and approving promotions understand our policy in order that they are able to ensure our promotions remain clear, fair and reasonable and without any deliberate intention to mislead over time. Complaints relating to advertising are reviewed and dealt with via our complaints procedure policy and we apply any lessons learned to future promotions.